Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wah... wah.. Cry baby!

Yeah... I'm a big, fat, whining cry baby. Wanna make something of it?
Here's some of my current "frustrations"
  1. I have a lot of work (better than NO work, get over it)
  2. Everything's a mess (you have too much stuff, donate 80% of it and live a simpler life!)
  3. I'm 20 lbs overweight (stop eating at the drive thru)
  4. I have no time for ___x____ (set your priorities and stop ___y___ )
  5. I'm living paycheck to paycheck (see #2)

Sound familiar? How are you dealing with life? (leave a comment)


Bego said...


Deja de comer mierda.

I, myself, am spending too much time reading people's blogs and not finishing Darknet. *sigh*

I think we both need a swift kick in the fomfy lomfy.


rob said...

Ha! I figured your comment would be along those lines. But is it enough to counter negative slaho vibes? Let's see!

Bego said...

A giant salami sandwich should fall out of the sky and wonk him on the head.

Or maybe, the giant flying salami should sucker punch you!

I think, part of the creative process is the angst. Have some whiskey and a cigarette, write a really sad story, and move along. Hee!

Wency said...

Hey, I resemble those remarks!!! I'm not trying to give negative vibes. Sorry if it came across that way. And stop writing about me on your blog, (or are those 5 things about you?) Funny, I just read a book telling me to do the same thing as #2!! We need to streamline baby! (and that goes for the 20 pounds also... I gotta Body for Life again, but this time for more than a month!!!)