Thursday, June 21, 2007

Help me spend money!!!

So... I received a $25 gift card for iTunes as a Father's Day gift.
What do you recommend to buy from the iTunes store?
Leave a comment and spend money vicariously through me!


Bego said...

The obvious response is for you to just send me the card....

Jeff H said...

"Frank Sinatra", by Cake
"Anne Frank", by Mark Isham
"Daddy Frank", by Merle Haggard and the Strangers
"Frank's Rag", by Frank Mills
"Frank and Judy", by Men's Recovery Project
"Frank Talk", also by Men's Recovery Project
"Thank You Frank", by Klaus Hallen Tanzorchester
"frank", by Mr. Gelatine
"Frank and Lola", by Reggae Machine
"Frank's Medication", by John Tabacco
"Dirty Frank", by Pearl Jam
"Frank's Pickles", by The Jerky Boys
"Our Frank", by Morrissey
"Blank Frank", by Brian Eno
"Frank's Song", by Tom Waits
"Frank and Ava", by Suzanne Vega
"Uncle Frank", by The Drive-By Truckers
"Frank Forgets", by Leo Kottke
"Frankly Frank", by Oxbow
"Blues for Frank", by The Frank Potenza Quartet
"A Fifth for Frank", by the Cal Tjader Quartet
"A Frank Lesson", by the Harmonica Ensemble
"A Kite By Frank", by Julia Lakhani Muench
"Always Frank", by Blectum from Blechdom
"Ancient Frank", by Carrera

All real... and I could go on and on!!

Happy Father's Day Mr. Schwartz!

Miss Ya!