Thursday, January 11, 2007

A little realization...

Actually two realizations....
  1. sleep deprivation really does affect intellectual performance

  2. the only way to do well on standardized tests is by taking a lot of standardized tests

Now, this may seem obvious to most of you, but I was slapped in the face with this last night in my LSAT prep class. Since Ana's been really sick for the past few weeks, I haven't gotten much sleep (1-2 hours per night). Somewhere around 8:00pm, in the middle of a practice test, I was acutely aware of my brain misfiring. Very weird feeling.

I also became aware that "rob the genius" means diddly squat in a standardized test like the LSAT! It's not that it is particularly difficult... but it has its own nuances that are designed specifically to trip you up. What is the best way to defeat the enemy? Become intimately familiar with the enemy. Learn all of its methods and habits. Get comfortable with its nuances. Then kick the living bejeesus out of it!

OK... enough jibber jabber! I have to do another practice test!

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