Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to school... ACK!

The journey has begun!
On Monday I began the LSAT review course and it marked my first time attending a class in over ten years.
Comingled with the stress and lack of sleep due to stuff at home (more on that later)... I am experiencing a feeling of expectation and excitement. I am charged up to do well on the LSAT (Feb 10, 2007) and hopefully secure admission into the FIU School of Law.
What's that? You didn't know that I was going to Law School. Yup! I'm gonna be a liar ... I mean lawyer! Why the career change? (I am already a successful engineer, after all.) Well, I see it more as a career extension as opposed to an actual change. I have always been interested in intellectual property and the protection of the rights and creations of creators (individuals as well as institutions). Pursuing a career in Intellectual Property Law, passing the Florida bar, and the US Patent Bar now seem to me to be the right path to continue on.
Wish me luck!

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