Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a sad, sad world

Thanks to a friend of mine who moved to South Florida from the mid-west this past year, my bubble has been burst! I used to think that this was a pretty good place to live... Kendall, Westchester, South Miami, the Gables... He spen thte first six months here complaining about how rude the people were. How bad the service was. What a crappy place this was to live. His words were, "everyone here is angry!" I laughed and told him that he was mistaken and that they were isolated incidents. Well, that was the first six months.

For the last six months he has heard me complain about all of the same issues... which apparently never bothered me before! People are rude. Customer service is non-existent. These folks are impatient, dumb, and angry!

Last week was the fiasco at Home Depot. Last night, it was at Shorty's BBQ. I was tired, and having a mental lapse, I asked the waitress, "spare ribs... are those pork or beef?" To which she gave a dumb look and said, "I don't know, let me ask the cook." Fair enough. She came back a minute later and proclaimed, "The cook says it's COW!" Cow! Can you believe it? Not BEEF, but COW!

I ordered the baby-backs.

That's PIG, by the way.

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