Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Helping Hand

Helping Hand
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A helping hand. A kind word. An uplifting sentiment. When was the last time you took the focus off of yourself and just offered to help? I find that I am very fortunate in that my formation held as a keystone the concept of service. Indeed, throughout the six most formative years of my life, the mantra of "Men for Others" was a daily reminder that we prosper as a community when we help each other along the way. True service is at its best when it is offered freely and with no reservations. This, undoubtedly, is the most difficult part. When we pose the question, "How can I help?" - we open ourselves up to an infinite number of responses. Some may even be downright disagreeable. If our offer to be of service is heartfelt, true, and open, however, then there is nothing that can be asked of us that we cannot lend our hands and hearts to. The very act of opening our hearts to true service allows the graces necessary to carry out that service to flow in. The interesting and miraculous thing about service is that, like a flame, that strength and grace that flows from the service does not diminish when shared... no, it most certainly multiplies.

How can I help?

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