Friday, January 25, 2008

Do you know Jay?

Hi everybody.... so how are your New Year's Resolutions going?

Ahhh... yeah, don't everyone speak up all at once.... OK, how about just all of you (us) that have decided to lose weight in 2008? Yeah, well... me too. That's OK. It's bound to happen. Especially with weight loss goals (and let's face it, we can all stand to lose a few pounds) those resolutions, although often publicly proclaimed... are often only privately monitored. Soon, they fall by the wayside and our old habits take back the lead. Sometimes, however, if we could just have a shared experience - team up with someone, go into the resolution together, or at least just connect with someone else who is trying to do this, too... then we won't feel like we are going at it alone.

Let me introduce you to Jay Martinez. I've had the privilege of getting connected to Jay through my Social Networking Tribe. Jay, like many of us has embarked on the "weight loss" trek - and he's doing it! More than that... he's motivating the rest of us to get up off of our blog-reading-mountain-dew-drinking seats and get moving, too! "I am aiming," says Jay, "to get people who have considered working out but were too lazy to do it (like me) to get up and go."

Jay was also recently featured on the popular weight loss blog, Back in Skinny Jeans. In that article, Jay shares,

"On my blog, I have a section called “The Road to 170” which is the weight goal I want to reach by March 2008. Here I track my weight and body fat percentage. I also have another section called “Workout Routine” where you can see what my basic workout routine is for the week. I even workout using a Wii!"

Thanks, Jay, for inspiring us on your Road to 170!


jay martinez said...


THANK YOU! Hopefully I can inspire others to get up and get moving! it's been a blast for me so far...

Anonymous said...

Jay is the real deal! We're collegues and he's making it happen - I've seen the results.
Keep it up Slimtinez!