Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Felicidades Cuqui

Today would have been my grandmother's 105th birthday.

I think a lot about my grandmother. She had lived with us for as long as I could remember, and she was always the bright light that shone in our family and the glue that held us all together. When she passed away, eleven years ago, it was comforting to see that her glue still held tight... even though she was physically gone.

She taught me that a life filled with family, service, and prayer was a truly good life. She also taught me to defend the things that were truly valuable - and nothing was more valuable to her than her family. She was the sweetest, most kind person that you would ever meet... so long as you didn't bring harm to any of her family.

I remember that she would pull me aside and ask me to play something for her on the piano. It didn't matter to her that I played horribly. It didn't matter to her whether I played Ernesto Lecuona or Elton John... she just really relished in hearing the music flow from my finger tips.

She loved my wife like one of her own grandchildren, and I am convinced that she has spoken to my eldest son well after her passing. She’s just like that.

I’m ashamed to admit it… but I’m not one to visit my loved one’s cemetery plots. They’re just… not there… if you get my meaning. Today, however, something stirred inside of me and urged me to make that special effort. As I sat down on the grass and looked down at the plaque on the floor, I prayed a rosary (one of her favorite daily prayers) and just spent some quality time with my grandmother. After all, that was the gift that she loved the best.

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos, Cuqui¡ Siempre te quiero mucho.


Anonymous said...

Robi: YOu are one of the greatest gifts God has given me... I can't find words that will fully express how I feel! Gracias, hijo mio, por ser tan especial. Yo se que Cuquita siempre nos cuida a todos...

Te quiero mucho, mucho. Mami

critter said...

Cuqui touched so many of our hearts...I often think of her too. I can't help but smile as I think of how strongly she held your hand and the peace she radiated as she genuinely loved you as she watched you with her smile. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful reflection of what she meant to reminded me how much she meant to me! :)

Anonymous said...

robert, we were was so blessed when you came into our lives. You and your family are very special. I too think of Cuqui and pray to her to watch over your beautiful family (my grandchildren and daughter). How lovely you speak of her and true the word are. SHe was a very special lady who is thought of and loved. SHe always made everyone feel so special..How I loved that she would add your name to her pray list that was so very long but she would pray for everyone on that list.
May she be watching over us and blessing everyone in her list.
Love you all.