Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sketch Dump






Bego said...

those are pretty cool. i really like the last one.

Bego said...

Rob, there are a couple of links to a chinese comic book author at rosaryarmy.com that you may like to see. I guess I could have just posted the links to it, but hey, I'm lazy. anyway, he has the same bicultural psychosis we have, only chinese. i like his work.

you might also check out my weekly column there, monday musings. I'm embarrassed to say I think this week's is a bit lame, but hey, some are good...and some are just plain weak.

rob said...

Thanks, Bego!
I'll have to remember to check it out at home... I usually check out your stuff in the morning when i first get in to work (~6:30 am!) but "Traditional religions" is blocked so I can't get to Rosary Army!

Bego said...



here are the links---it's pretty cool