Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thursday, March 9, 2006

This is the day of my departure. My flight leaves from Miami International Airport at 4:50pm. I'll be travelling from Miami to Los Angeles on an American Airlines Boeing 757. I am flying First Class so you know what that means... I get food!!!

The American Airlines flight is really nice because they have in-seat power ports for the laptop... I watch episodes of 24 for the next six hours!

I arrived at LAX at about 11pm Miami time (8pm LAX time). It's a good thing that I went right away to the Tom Bradley Internation Terminal and checked in for my flight because I was informed by the attendant that the flight I was on was rescheduled, due to weight, to divert to Anchorage, Alaska to refuel! It wouldn't get into Taipei in time for me to catch my connecting flight to Hong Kong! She was really nice and promptly re-booked me on an earlier flight to Taipei that would get me in on time. I spent the next three hours in the EVA Air lounge. They had snacks! (Yes... that is Taiwanese beer!)
At 10:50pm (LAX time), I went over to my gate for my 14 hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan.
My seat is the one at the window with the "B" right under it. If you have to be in a tin can for over 14 hours... then this is not such a bad way to go about it! Oh, and noise-cancelling headsets are a must!

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